2009 Flyboat three major technology upgrade

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 1. Breakdown point shift: The chip frequency current breakdown point moved 5 ~ 10mm from the edge of the copper electrode zone. Chip Breakdown after the fire-breathing was covered copper electrodes, effective lightning protection devices to prevent the fire; copper electrode directly absorbed and quickly transfer heat to the fire-breathing tripping point so quickly from the heat from the body.


The technology have greatly improved the SPD's own security features, flying Ge exclusive. With the technology, Fei Ge, MOV frequency tolerance of the best products at the same level up to international level:


 2. Residual pressure better: formula improved 34S621 chip 20kA residual voltage ≤ 1350V (compression ratio of 2.0 ~ 2.1), 20kA impact on life expectancy ≥ 150 times.With the 8/20μS Flow capabilities, 32D products to reach the level of the past 34S is entirely possible alternative to effectively reduce costs.

 3. Encapsulation quality improvement: a more high-quality environmental encapsulation material, surface quality, and performance improved remarkably resistant to moisture, but also significantly improve the encapsulation layer of high-current shock tolerance, 34S single-chip product once the impact of the entrapped 60kA, encapsulation layer will not be jumping to fight the case, reaching the highest level in domestic.


Flyboat MOV: Industrial High-frequency low-impact residual voltage tolerance of + + Long life