Flyboat Electronics Co., Ltd., Guizhou Yearbook

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Yearbook of Guizhou Flyboat Electronic Co.,Ltd.

2000—2006 Chronicle

2000 - Guizhou Flyboat Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in March 2000 and received the national SME Technology Innovation Fund and the Guizhou Province of fund to support high-tech industry

2001 - the company competitive products 34S621K chip by pressure-sensitive mine detection and Design Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Ministry of Information Industry Certification

2002 - completion of pressure-sensitive formulations research, performance of the company to achieve lightning-chip technology was leading domestic level.

2003 - 208 works in cooperation with the Zhenhua, moved its production base arrester branch; invention mixed grinding cycle technology, significantly improve the mixing of ceramic materials.

In 2004 - the introduction of science and technology venture capital and private capital to complete the construction of new production lines, moving into the new site; invention applied to mine-chip hot air reflow soldering process; passed ISO9001 certification; presented the company’s corporate culture and business philosophy. Guizhou Province have been re-fund to support high-tech industry.

2005 - completion of the re-formulation of pressure-sensitive research, 34S-chip varistor lightning lightning Flow capacity up to 65kA, beyond the international brand names ;FlyboatSPD lightning through the Shanghai Center for testing certification; to participate in national standard "low-voltage surge protector element : metal oxide varistor (MOV) standard "in the drafting of the development work.

2006 - Study of pressure-sensitive mine summed up the best chip liquid epoxy resin casting process, completely address the liquid epoxy resin casting process caused by improper performance of mine-chip early deterioration issues; the establishment of raw material purification treatment centers; by SGS (RoHS) environmental certification. ISO9001 quality assurance system to run non-qualified entries for three consecutive years.

2007 - proposed by the maximum thermal stability MOV voltage US concept; the company moved to new - Guiyang Hi-tech Zone Science and Technology Park Jinyang factory two four-layer, through the relocation of the machine synchronization is complete four major technical innovation.

Advancing Guizhou Flyboat

In March 2000, the Guizhou Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal and Chemical Functional Ceramics Research funded the entire staff incorporated in Guizhou Ge Fei Electronics Co., Ltd., a pressure-sensitive resistors and is destined to make an important contribution to mine industry, enterprise, taking an forward pace.

Founded at the beginning and accurately foresaw the rapid development of the industry as the lightning, lightning on the pressure-sensitive chip demand will rapidly increase, combined with their own conditions, pressure-sensitive mine was selected as his fist-chip products, based on the more a high technical level, to international brands (Siemens, Harris) as a catch-up goal, supported by the National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund and the Guizhou Province Planning Commission, the Fund’s support for high-tech industry.

In early 2001, with an advanced heat treatment process, despite the use of outsourcing ceramic material, the company pressure-sensitive mine 34S-chip is still successfully passed the test and Design Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Ministry of Information Industry, Zhengzhou certification, thus the company products have been our customers identity.

In 2002, the company concentrated its efforts on technology, chip varistor formulations lightning research, and ultimately the company responsible person to complete, so that the technical performance of company’s products on the one level, to the then leading domestic level.

In 2003, with advanced formula and process as the basis, companies and Zhenhua Group 208 factory cooperation, moving its production base arrester branch, with 208 plant parts surplus equipment, and improve the company’s production capacity; the company who is mainly responsible for integrating the two sides Equipment creatively, arrester industry was widely used additives and zinc oxide Ingredients high-speed mixing process into high-speed mixing mill cycle of sand mixed with grinding process, significantly improve the mixing homogeneity of the ceramic material; the current popularity of the process has been in the industry, this Fei Ge, the company is improving the technical level of the industry made an important contribution.

In 2004, the company entered the fast track the development of integration into the national science and technology venture capital and private capital investment in fixed assets of several million dollars to establish a new domestic advanced production lines, the company moved to a new site; passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system authentication; in the industry innovation and use of hot air reflow soldering process and without reservation to teach the user, at present the technology industry has adopted a number of peers to enhance work efficiency and effectiveness, which is flying barge industry, technology development company to do out another important contribution. Under the new situation emerged within the company desires expansion indulgence, Sungongfeisi serious, threatening undercurrent of business survival, the company is mainly responsible for people with several years experience in business management know-how readers extract prepared a proposed flying barge company’s operating philosophy and corporate culture require the company to middle and senior management theory to enhance learning, improve their morals, on the company’s operating philosophy must take the lead set an example to promote the corporate culture.

The company’s operating philosophy and corporate culture are as follows:

In the Year 2004,our company’s project has been awarded high-tech industry fund support by Guizhou Province Development and Reform Commission .

In 2005, the domestic large-scale backbone enterprises in the 2003 and 2004 through a joint venture to introduce foreign capital and technology, making pressure-sensitive mine level to a chip technology to a new level, 34S621K-chip reached 50kA maximum flow passage above has with the international brand-name products flat, more than at the time flying Ge products, the company’s survival and development pose a serious threat, for which the company re-focus our efforts on R & D breakthrough formula is completely rely on their own strength in August 2005 to achieve a pressure-sensitive mine chips in one fell swoop technical performance and significant improvement, 34S621K chip lightning Flow capacity of up to 65kA, far beyond the international brand-name products, at the international leading level, the market for the company regained the initiative. The company’s SPD successfully passed the certification testing center Shanghai lightning; by virtue of a more profound academic accomplishment and strong market influence, the company participated in the national standard "low-voltage surge protector element: metal oxide varistor (MOV) norms "of the drafting of the development work, and in August 2005 successfully hosted the Organization of the experts was held in Guizhou final discussions.

In 2006, the company’s liquid epoxy resin casting of zinc oxide varistor lightning-depth study of the implications of the chip, compared to several different brands at home and abroad of liquid epoxy resin, through a large number of experiments confirmed that the liquid epoxy resin curing Agent component of the zinc oxide varistor lightning chip deterioration, proposing a liquid epoxy resin casting of the best technology, click here to process operation, potting up to 100% pass rate, leakage current is also reduced compared with before potting small, completely resolve the long-troubled mine device manufacturers and pressure-sensitive chip manufacturers a major technical problems. Prior to a lot of lightning protection device manufacturers can not solve this problem by using epoxy resin powder coating had to pressure-sensitive chip or other materials used are very expensive to replace, such as silicone rubber, etc., thus is accompanied by a number of other difficult to be resolved technical problems, such as the encapsulation of pressure-sensitive chip resistant to moisture is not good enough, silicon rubber pressure-sensitive chip bonding does not lead to easy side-close flash, easy to damp and so on. This issue is completely resolved, while improving reliability, reducing the customer’s use of the direct costs, and create significant economic value. Fei Ge technological progress for the industry has made another important contribution.

Since the second half of 2005 has continued strong non-ferrous materials, price increases, many manufacturers of raw materials driven by the acquisitiveness of the chemical directly to non-ferrous metals industrial products sold only to replace the packing on the electronic components manufacturing plant, is not enough just to get those who a small number of product quality of electronic components caused a great threat to the stability, for which on one hand, and the physical and chemical testing centers in Guizhou Province to enhance cooperation to strengthen and accelerate the analysis of raw materials, laboratory work, increase the punishment inferior raw materials providers, At the same time in 2006 established a processing center for raw materials, raw materials, purification purification treatment in order to ensure that everything goes.

In order to meet the requirements of electronic products exported to Europe, the company uses lead-free soldering process, in June 2006 successfully passed the company’s products SGS (RoHS) environmental certification.

Through the formula, process, raw materials and continued demanding the level of organization and management, flying chips becoming more and more perfect lightning Ge; seven-year struggle, flying Ge technical performance of the product was finally standing on top of the industry. We will target the building of century-old plant, and constantly go beyond, and strive to " Made by Flyboat " a hundred years into a fine temper.

Respond to tomorrow’s challenges and seize the opportunity of development, we are full of expectations!