Flyboat lightning-chip varistor (MOV) low-cost irrigation glue Description

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  To solve the pressure-sensitive mine-chip low-cost epoxy resin casting, I specifically purchased the company in Tianjin Jinqiao Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. tens of kilograms TXH-1156 epoxy potting material, will be my company in 2006 in the first half of approved sub-products remaining extract a few pieces of each sample to 10 the number of films of epoxy potting test results the following table: (left sample has been due to the long putting-damp, encapsulation is not carried out before the drying processing)

Chip LotPotting ago ParametersCasting process 5 days curing parameters 15 days curing parameters Notes
U 1mAI L (μA)U 1mAI L (μA)U 1mAI L (μA)
 0601-1 615V8.3

 120ml gel +30 ml curing agent (volume ratio 4:1, weight ratio 100:10), and mix thoroughly 8min, room temperature curing.

 0603-3 702V10.5703V9.37058.4
 0604-1705V12.4 704V 10.17069.4
 0604-5673V7.5 673V6.7 6.7674 6746.3
676V13.5 677V11.3677 10.8 
 669V7.2 670V6.16715.8

 200ml gel +40 ml curing agent (volume ratio 5:1, weight ratio of 100:8), and mix thoroughly 10min, room temperature curing.

666V5.1 660V5.06535.0

  The results can be seen from the above: As long as the proportion of appropriate technology is correct, can be used to reduce the user-made epoxy resin casting cost (the other properties of rubber user-authentication). My company filling plastic processes are as follows:

  Before the first chip encapsulation under 120 ℃ drying 30 to 60 minutes; rubber, curing agent in accordance with 5:1 volume ratio (100g: 8g = 8ml weight ratio) with a good mix thoroughly, and mix thoroughly how to adjust the amount of time under the gum, but it should be ensure the full mix well; and then proceed to filling glue. Kaifeng, a longer time if the glue should be heated to glue 80 ~ 100 ℃, thermal insulation of about 30min in order to drive out moisture, cooling and curing agent and then allocated in proportion to the use of a good mix thoroughly.  Potting after basic curing the product placed in the oven for 85 ~ 100 ℃ heat insulation 30 ~ 60 minutes.

  Use of other adhesive is also important to note that the user reduce the ratio of curing agent is generally from the manufacturers recommended ratio of 1 / 2 or so begin to try and curing agent dosage should not exceed manufacturer’s recommended maximum ratio of 2 / 3.