Flyboat lightning proof chip (MOV) instructions

Column:Company News Time:2019-12-04 Browsing volume: 2133

  Our product "flyboat" lightning-chip varistor (MOV) with a Flow capacity, residual depression, over-voltage fault tolerance capability many advantages, the main target of more than an international brand-name products by the user’s high praise, to help users to make better use of the product, special preparation of this note.
   1. After the user get the product dosage should be based on the need to open the corresponding number of inner package, opened as soon as possible in order to prevent the damp caused by run out of electrical performance parameters
   2. If the chips have been damp (IL climb increased, U1mA down) can be placed under the oven drying at 120 ℃ in 2 ~ 4 hours, usually can be restored to normal, and then sealed with epoxy resin infusion as soon as possible in order to prevent re - damp
   3. In order to ensure higher performance, my company used by MOV potting epoxy for a certain selectivity, suggested the use of Electronic Materials Shanghai continents, the following two kinds of models produced by casting epoxy resin: DC-5480BK / DH-5480H and DC-505WH-1-P/DH-505YLX-1, according to the proportion of 100:10 ~ 12wt curing agent with glue, you can add 10% SAF-S680A to prevent the plastic crawl along the copper wire.  East China contact : 021-64588585, South China contact: 0769-82775941.
   4. As long as the user in strict accordance with the above requirements at the right voltage to use, I have company MOV products 5-year warranty and to ensure the appropriate levels through the national testing.
   5. If the use of other brands of Chinese-made epoxy resin, please note that the ratio of curing agent and the adhesive and curing process, each batch of a certain, proven feasible, and then put into large quantities in order to avoid losses. For instance, I originally used by the company in Tianjin bridge TXH-1156 epoxy resin at room temperature in accordance with 100:15 wt curing agent trial, the curing agent component decreased to 100:8 ~ 10wt and use at room temperature and then cured by roughly 85 ~ 100 ℃ × 2 hours of heating effect of solidification process a good, basic does not appear the phenomenon of increased leakage current climb. With glue during the curing agent is important to note the full mix well with the two-component adhesive
   6. SPD must pay attention to the reliability of heat from the body and can not reconcile this, sacrificing the other properties must make sure that heat from the body movements can be reliably cut off the circuit
   7. SPD front-end circuit current of air switch should not choose too large; recommended fuses lightning-resistant, its relatively small frequency fusing current is much higher than normal lightning fuse Flow.